1 October 2018

Baterflai – Reading with the author

Claudio Povolo, togheter with Andrea Savio, illustrate the book “L’uomo che pretendeva l’onore, storia di Bortolamio Pasqualin”.
29 November 2016

Icona Arredamenti

XXL Ombelìn installed for our partner Icona Arredamenti for its annual event-party.
31 March 2016
OmeLED - InFusion - Fondazione Bisazza


Giant golden pans with LED.  Installed on behalf of the Bisazza Foundation for a tasting event entitled “InFusion”, the brainchild of Chef Lorenzo Cogo from the […]
8 April 2016
design rendez-vous

Design Rendez-vous

The most interesting designers of the area meet in a fated rendez-vous, in Borgo Berga (Vi). A living room, a lavish table, the perfect music and […]
1 April 2016
legni e progetti - Asiago

Legni e Progetti

During the renowned yearly evening celebration known as  “light flakes”, a fireworks display held annually in Asiago (Vi), an event was held in the “Legni&Progetti” atelier, […]
8 April 2016

Euroluce 2013

Euroluce @Salone del Mobile, Milan. 2013
11 April 2016
cera arredamenti - biricchiere

Cera Arredamenti

Event hosted from Cera Arredamenti a Dolo (Venezia). The stars of the evening “biricchiere” e “sga-bello”, two lighting objects which create an amiable atmosphere with their […]
11 April 2016
about design - palazzo braga

About Design

“Biricchieri”, “sga-belli” and “tondino terra” illuminate the opening party of the About Design contest at Palazzo Braga, Vicenza.
11 April 2016

Euroluce 2011

Euroluce @Salone del Mobile, Milan. 2011
11 April 2016

Euroluce 2009

Euroluce @Salone del Mobile, Milan. 2009
11 April 2016
spaziocasa Vicenza


SpazioCasa @Fiera di Vicenza, 2008
11 April 2016
Maddalena De Padova - evento

Maddalena De Padova

Lighting installation designed for Maddalena De Padova at Cariolato Arredamenti – 2007  
11 April 2016

Euroluce 2007

Euroluce @Salone del Mobile, Milan. 2007
11 April 2016
catalogo 2007 - inaugurazione

catalogue 2007

Inauguration of the new catalogue paolodonadello 2007 Julien, Vicenza
12 April 2016

Euroluce 2005

Euroluce @Salone del Mobile, Milan. 2005
13 April 2016
catalogo 2008, inaugurazione

Catalogue 2009

Inauguration of the 2009 catalog @Spazio Monotono Vicenza
12 April 2016
inedit - evento


20 years of Inedit. Seine, Paris At the entrance of the boat set up for the occasion, two orange “One” welcomed the guests.
12 April 2016
Euroluce 2003

Euroluce 2003

Euroluce @Salone del Mobile, Milan. 2003
14 April 2016
vie di fuga - flyer

Vie di fuga

Vicenza wonders about its future during, three days of events, Brainstorming, and workshops. For this event, Paolo Donadello designed  a lighting installation that floated along the […]