From simple to decorative forms, floor lamps become true furnishings, in some cases even statuesque and which, due to their warm and welcoming light, fill and envelope the spaces they occupy. All products have the option of either inserting LED lights or to have integrated LED, and in this way promoting energy conservation and rendering them eco-friendly.

23 March 2023
stelo per ulisse


Support for battery lamp called ULISSE, designed to obtain a double function object. Ulisse can be easily “hooked” on its pedestal without assembly, thanks to the […]
4 November 2022
lanterna damu


Damu is a lantern for indoor or outdoor that takes inspiration from “Dammuso”, typical building of Pantelleria island in Sicily. A sunset over the roofs, in […]
9 August 2021

Ulisse Terra

Ulisse terra is a lantern that, thanks to its discreet and enveloping light, illuminates open spaces and gardens, harmonizing with the surrounding spaces and nature. See […]
23 December 2021


Floor lamp in iron with craftmade brass or white spotlights, with double light source. Both spotlights are adjustable in position and height. Available in rechargeable battery […]
19 November 2020


Floor lamp made of Gin. Floor lamp in iron with a glass of Gin as light source. The unusual spotlight is adjustable in position and height. […]
18 April 2016


Light in motion. It moves horizontally and vertically, and flips over, endlessly. All you need to turn it on is a touch and decide what you’d […]
7 April 2016


Battery run exterior light, in rust effect Ulisse can be easily “hooked” on its support called “Stelo“ without assembly: discover more. See other battery run lamps ombelìn, […]
8 April 2016
ombelìn terra

ombelìn terra

The shape recalls that of a small umbrella, from which its unique name is derived. Ideal as a reading or atmosphere inducing lamp for restaurants or […]
11 April 2016

Tondino terra

Despite its simple shape, the “tondino terra” can decorate a room, filling it with its particular style and its marvellous and warm light. Floor lamp with […]
29 November 2016


Floor lamp, 235 cm height, it’s the XXL version of the classic Ombelìn. Available in plug and unplugged version with rechargeable battery (10h duration, charging time […]
12 April 2016
rosa - portarose


Rose-keeper vase in stainless steel and glass
7 April 2016

quad 1,2 e 3

Bollard with double emission in rust effect or brushed stainless steel. Intended as an illumination of external facades, ways and hedges. Three models available • QUAD1 […]
14 April 2016


The metal body, shaped in ascending lines, accompanies the lighting beam from its origin and throughout its extension. Cento is available in white and in rust-effect. […]
7 April 2016
Carpiata - Piantana da esterno


A gesture’s design, a route departing from earth, creates, along its trajectory, an arch that alights,  finally, upon a table’s surface  ferrying  light. Exterior floor lamp […]
14 April 2016


The elegance and the simplicity of its shapes are in contrast with the roughness of its material, created by the rust finish, which here more than […]
18 April 2016


“One” is not just a floor lamp, it’s also a great and majestic piece that dresses up a location, much like a sculpture would. Floor lamp […]