Paolo Donadello begins his career in lighting design and creation in 1984. His creations have since distinguished his mastery from normal manufactured pieces. He works with lighting, intermingling artistry with technique, touching upon works of art. The Italian Association of Architectural Programmers of Interior Design describe his work, “Poetry united with the formality of equilibrium”  in 1991 when they award him the AIPI prize. In 2003 he founds the PAOLODONADELLO SRL, the company that bears his name as a formal manifesto of his determination to maintain the distinguishing traits and research that are the hallmark of his creations, even on an industrial scale. True to form he invents the rusted finishings obtained only via manual intervention, rendering every piece unique. He expresses his passion for the world of art, which has always inspired and influenced him, inventing extraordinary lighting displays, combining design, light, food, and architecture, and continuously shuffling the deck of cards to create an insoluble bond between these elements. Each piece of lighting created by Paolodonadello diverges from the laws of machine manufactured work, maintaining the same authentic and original character of the original hand crafted [ prototype/piece].