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During the renowned yearly evening celebration known as  “light flakes”, a fireworks display held annually in Asiago (Vi), an event was held in the “Legni&Progetti” atelier, belonging to Paola Meneguzzo; an opportunity which Paolo Donadello highlighted by creating one of his famous installations and illuminating the location with his lamps. Like giant toadstools sheltering the wood’s creatures from Nature’s whims, white, luminous umbrellas attract the attention of passersby, inviting them to take a moment to admire them, creating a game intended for children of all ages, who, stopping to take shelter from the cold and the snow, become immersed and transformed all of a sudden, into lovable elfs from renowned fables.  To celebrate our childhood, spend time together, have fun, play, in the evening in which shadow and light are the protagonists.

A list of products utilized in illuminating the event:

Asiago, 2013