WokSuspended half-sphere, 60cm diameter.

Available in:

•black outside nero/white inside
•rust-effect outside/rust-effect inside
•rust-effect outside/gold leaf inside
•rust-effect outside/silver leaf inside
•white outside/white inside



Standard finishes:

nero bianco  black /white

nero  black

ruggine  rust-effect

bianco  white

foglia oro  gold leaf

foglia argento  silver leaf

The finishes listed are standard, beyond which it is possible to request any RAL coded color or any preferred effect in order to create your own personalized piece.


If the technical information you need to complete your project is not available in this section, do not hesitate to contact us at info@paolodonadello.com


cod. 190 / black outside nero/white inside
cod. 191 / rust-effect outside/rust-effect inside
cod. 192 / rust-effect outside/silver leaf inside
cod. 193 / rust-effect outside/gold leaf inside
cod. 196 / white outside/white inside

See also: aura, malombra, due