Apparecchio ad incassoSquare recessed light with 17,5×17,5 cm dimensions, black or white. It is possible to rotate the light source by 20 + 20°.

Comes with either metal halide GX10 ESD111 or halogen lamp GZ10 ESD111.

Glareproof screen, partially brushed glass or brushed, on separate order


Standard Finishes:

bianco  white RAL 9003

nero black RAL 9005

The finishes listed are standard, beyond which it is possible to request any RAL coded color or any preferred effect in order to create your own personalized piece.



cod. 640 / white
cod. 641 / black
cod. 642 / white (metal halide)
cod. 643 / black (metal halide)

cod. 648 / halogen bulb 1X100W
cod. 649 / metal halide bulb 1X100W
cod. 647 / power supply for metal halide