Ombelìn - lampada a batteria ricaricabile

The shape recalls that of a small umbrella, from which its unique name is derived.
Ideal as a reading or atmosphere inducing lamp for restaurants or locales which require an intimate and refined ambiance.

Table lamps (H48 cm) or floor (H128 cm) in LED, portable, with rechargeable lithium battery (9 hour duration), available also with on/off or touch dimmable function.

News: you can also order it with cable!

See also the table version:  ombelìn



Standard Finishes:

bianco white RAL 9003

black (upon request)

ruggine rust effect (upon request)

foglia oro gold leaf (upon request)

The finishes listed are standard, beyond which it is possible to request any RAL coded color or any preferred effect in order to create your own personalized piece.




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